Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 Stufen Modell--How we leave cults

So I lived in Germany for a short time and wanted to work with the police's own cult expert---that's right, in Germany the police hire an expert on these issues--but I didn't and while looking for cultic studies in Germany I found this model for how people leave cults.  Leaving a cult is in a tier or pyramid model according to Dieter Rohmann who did these studies:

Step I predominately concerns itself with the background information of the respective movement, such as the cult ideology, the cult hierarchy and the everyday life of the cult, including the exchange of spiritual, religious, philosophical, but also political themes, etc.

Step II the `Theory of Mind Control´ according to Lifton (1963) should be explained and further detail into various theories of social-psychology and perceptional psychology should be included. In addition, these theories should be applied to the relevant cult. 

In Step III, the motives and predisposing factors which could have been responsible for the confluence of the respective cult, shall be analysed. At the latest, by this stage, the client would like to understand why especially he/she took this path and why it was not possible to say `No´ earlier and then simply leave.

"Nevertheless, every one of these ways of leaving a cult is connected with characteristic problems and symptoms which vary from person to person and among other things, are dependent on the duration of membership and the position of the cult member. The following symptoms (Giambalvo, 1993) are, as a rule, immediately connected with leaving a cult, and therefore also primarily considered the focus of attention:
Depression, sense of purposelessness, guilt, anger, alienation, isolation, distrust, fear of going crazy, tendency to think in terms of black and white, inability to make decisions, low self-esteem, embarrassment, dissociation, floating, nightmares, inability to
 concentrate, family and dependency issues, etc.
The general condition after leaving a cult can be viewed as being a critical life event, a crisis which can be clearly described with the following words: No more - not yet."

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