Friday, July 8, 2011

The Wedding

I haven't felt like talking and bringing up stuff due to being busy and emotionally more detached than usual, so I'll go on to say that this will not be a deep post and is merely a post.  So I went to the wedding of an ex-member who is, sadly, sympathetic still.  At the wedding there were other sympathetic people and also some current members.  This was extremely uncomfortable and strange and I tried to stay inside and away from them as much as possible.  Then...the reception came.  One of the kids there decided to try to get everyone to dance and did not know that this could be awkward for them to try to put me and a current member (possibly not anymore, but a sympathetic ex-member none the less) together.   The conversation went something like this Him:  "All just do it this once" me "Okay" and so we start dancing to hip hop music of some kind (thank god I do not remember the song so I'm not reminded of it every day at the clubs) and then he says to me "I'm Chris*, what's your name?"  Me: "I'm Lily" Him: "I live in Dallas and I sometimes drive to Houston"  Me: "How do you know I live in Houston?"  Him: "I just know everything."

Ew.  And then he invites my date and me to share his hotel room since he's there all alone, just as a friend would do, but I was definitely not going, it would create drama and anger.  That was a little less than a week ago and I think I've been kind of shaken up since then.  Remind me to try to never see current members or other sympathetic people as much as possible, bad things could happen.  Just because bad things haven't happened quite yet, doesn't mean they won't.

Also I don't like being snubbed by people, all I have to say regarding that unless you know me.

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