Thursday, June 23, 2011


So my brother commented to my "Cult-about mine" post with a re-occurring dream that he used to have, I'm going to post today about a reoccurring dream that I have had post-cult, but not directly related to it.  I'm sure it says something about it, but more about my family and insecurities.  If you have any suggestions, comments or dreams of your own feel free to post here!

So my dream starts off with a bunch of my siblings in the car that my dad (Pierre) is driving.  Of course, driving was a huge part of my child, because of the cult being pretty far away and we drove there every weekend.   A big memory though is those drives along with beef stew and bread on those drives, haha.
Anyways, my dad asked if anyone of us wanted to sit on his lap to drive with him (does anyone remember him letting us drive while sitting on his lap, because I'm pretty sure this actually did happen).  Of course we all said yes, but my brother was his only son so my dad had said "The man needs to do it" quite hastily.  So my brother (around the age of 10, since that's when we left) jumped on his lap.  Now this is where the dream becomes more like a dream; we started driving up a mountain that we went around in a circle (like the story of sisyphus).  So my brother was driving while sitting on my dad's lap and then he decides to drive straight and not curve the wheel.  The whole family was now soaring through the air like Thelma and Louise  and we landed on a house, well alive and nothing really wrong except that the house is basically destroyed.  We get out of the car and that's about it.  Interesting dream, doesn't exactly have the cult in it, but we were driving to it.

Any stories of your own like or not like that?  Comment or write to me separately, but don't put real names.

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