Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My grandmother's correspondence two years after my eldest sister was born.

...]Chuck* came with us and we went down to Judeah*.  It ws a very upsetting time.  We sat on the floor all afternoon and held and talked to Yael.  She is a beautiful child.  Very shy.  Beautiful green eyes with lovely long lashes.  I didn't get her to smile until I lifted her up and we looked in a mirror.  She would reach up and put her finger through my gold ear rings.  The only word she said, and that was really whispered, was daddy.  The only furniture they have is a bed and dresser.  In Yael's room there is a small mattress on the floor.  In the kitchen they have a small board on a low barrel for a table.  They sit on the floor.  Before Pierre* ate they of course did their bowing act on the floor.  Even Yael.  However she was peaking at us under her arm.  In the living room there was one lamp on a card board box.  However they are driving a Lexus* (bought new last year because LEADER* said Pierre spends so much time in a car he deserves a comfortable one.)  They still have the car they bought the year they were married.  Both cars have been in accidents.  One when Rose* was driving and one when Pierre was driving.  He is still working at the factory and gets in a few hours work on the side in carpentry.  He is thinking of trying to take a course in selling insurance.  Rose works as supervisor of the apartment complex.  She had just finished mowing the lawn when we came.  Her baby is due the end of this month, or so LEADER says. She didn't look that big to me. She will have it at home with the Lords help. I wonder what Yael's blood type is, and if there could be a RH problem.
When I asked Rose if she saw much of Pierre's mother we found out that she and his siblings* left the group last year. Evidently his mother fell in love with a man who she had worked with, and left for that reason. Turns out she has been married X* times, and maybe hasn't been divorced as many times as she should have been.  Anyway, the whole family is now going downhill (according to Rose.)  Pierre's oldest sister lives in New York*, and has never been involved with the group.   [...]

*changed everyone's name and location for security reasons

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  1. If you have more letters or storys that would be nice. I was so young then there is a lot i still dont fully grasp.