Friday, June 24, 2011


So there are many treatments out there that many ex-members of cults have used, however there is one that a few of my sisters have used and they have really helped out with their PTSD and other disorders associated with the cult.  The treatment that I'm talking about is called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).  They say in Scientific American that it can really help against PTSD, but is not necessarily the best out there for other diagnoses.:
"Numerous controlled studies show that EMDR produces more improvement than absence of treatment, at least for alleviating the symptoms of civilian PTSD, such as those triggered by rape. The evidence that pertains to EMDR’s efficacy for other anxiety disorders is promising but preliminary. EMDR’s effects are most marked on self-reported measures of anxiety; its impact on physiological measures linked to anxiety (such as heart rate) is less clear-cut."

So, need help with your PTSD, memories or other cult-related therapy, maybe check this out!  Also it does not work as well as cognitive counseling, however if you've been there, done that, like many ex-members it might actually be the best for our group, or type of people.  We may not have the same PTSD that they are talking about, who knows...but try it.

Also I just found a card from a LCSW that I had met at the International Cultic Studies Association's annual conference in Geneva, Switzerland two years ago and this is her info if you want to talk more about it.  She works on children, adolescents and adults:

Leona Furnari.  Boulder, Colorado.

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