Monday, October 10, 2011

Sex and Undue Influence

Recently Warren Jeffs was charged with statutory rape and many other disgusting/perverse things. I say „thankfully someone has gotten even a sliver of justice“, because so many people haven't.  It's sad how someone has to do something as bad as child brides for them to get caught (or tax evasion), and they don not get caught due to abuse of an adult, mind control or other reasons.   I hope that the girls who were forced to marry him (and were forced into having sex on videotape in front of a bunch of men) will find some peace and more justice through all of this. I hope the same sort of thing happens to LEADER* (I wish I could say his name without being worried about being sued).   LEADER* didn't marry younger girls, but there is enough anecdotal evidence that he had „sex“ (barely, since he has so much control) with them along with married women, all while preaching fidelity and family.  Sex is suppose to have no control aspect to it, intercourse should not be consented based on power.   Leaders have influence and control over their followers and the followers will agree to things that they would otherwise not, had there been no control/influence.  In cultic studies, they call this influence „undue influence“.   Much like statutory rape laws, people are being told by those in control that something is okay even if it's not. I want justice for our cult and every other cult out there, I'm so sick of hearing cult leaders get away with sexual and physical abuse, and getting caught financially. To me, getting them financially is easy, but people do not realize all that was done and thus it is „easy“.   Easier to judge, easier to prosecute, defend and dismantle. Just easy.

p.s. quotes are funny since I did this in Word which thinks I was typing in German so used the german symbols for quotes.

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