Thursday, November 24, 2011


A poem that describes how cult members feel, yes it's for stockholm syndrome, but it works for abuse too.
Below it is a poem that my sister wrote.

Horribly Beautiful (Stockholm Syndrome) 
Your obsession
Turns into possession
Paying too much attention
To me

My emotions
Are the bullets in your gun
Your potion
Is the poison of my love

You take me
Away from all that's real
You break me
You don't know that I can't feel

My sorrow
You borrow
For the weapon you will make
Or today
I don't know
What to say
I'm afraid

It's so horrible
But so beautiful
It's a wonder
And I ponder
Why…do I…?
It's so terrible
It's so…horribly beautiful!

You stole my soul
Now you're taking my heart
Leaving a gaping hole
Where you tore me apart

My feelings
Are the blades of knives
The killings
Are something that you like

But I understand you now
Although I really don't know how
But I fell
Fell into a well
Of the many tears I've spilled
Not for all the people that you've killed
But for you…

My emotions!
Are the bullets of this art!
Your potion!
Is the poison of my heart!

It's so horrible
But so beautiful
It's a wonder
And I ponder
Why…do I…love you?…
It's so terrible
It's so…horribly beautiful
Horribly beautiful
Horribly beautiful!
Poem by xBL.ind.KilljoyX

“There Is”

There’s a feeling of fear,
Of hopelessness,
Of drear,

There’s a feeling of pain,
Of frustration,
Of drain,

There’s a feeling of anger,
Of madness,
Of danger,

There’s a feeling of loneliness,
Of sadness,
Of useless,

There’s a feeling of flight,
Of sleep,
Of no might,

There’s a feeling of trying,
Of failing,
Of crying,

There’s a feeling of maybe,
Of hope,
Of “save me”,

There’s a feeling of okay,
Of relax,
Of one day,

There’s a feeling of hope,
Of resurrection,
Of cope,

There’s a feeling of light,
Of courage,
Of might,

There’s a drop,

There’s a what?
It’s back?
A cut,

There’s a return,
To the usual,
To the burn,

There’s crazy,

There’s a cycle,

There’s freedom?
I’m not dumb,

There’s the cult,
It still exists,
That’s the insult.

Poem by YƤel*

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